Common interfaces

The concept of common interfaces is to create an easy to use API interfaces for different frameworks with same type of functionality. So Gideros users, using same API across platforms could easily switch between specific frameworks they are using.

It also provides the benefit of not recreating same plugin api over and over again, but rather wraping each separate framework under the same API interface

Here is an example on how Common Interface can benefit you:

  • You develop your app and want to integrate in app billing in it for Google Play store
  • You get In-App Billing (IAB) interface and integrate it in your app
  • Later on you decide to support also Amazon appstore
  • and since IAB provides same interface for both of them, you can do it by changing couple of lines (providing settings for Amazon Appstore) and reuse the same whole code
  • And if you want to support some unknown 3rd parity in-app purchase library, thats is not supported yet
  • All you have to do is to wrap its functionality under native (Java or Objective C) class interface
    • No C++ to JNI
    • No Lua bindings
    • Simply wraping in single class
  • And same goes for other common interfaces