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Supported platforms:

Available since version: Gideros 2018.3


You need to do two things to target Facebook Instant Games:
1. Tick the Facebook Instant Game tickbox when exporting to HTML5, you can also specify the percentage indicator that the game will show it has loaded before you take control.
2. Require the FBInstant library code, see the example below.
You can upload, debug and test your game by creating a player and uploading to Facebook servers as a game. The player will interact with the Gideros Studio similar to any other player.
The only restriction with the player is that it only works on the computer viewing the html5 game (localhost) - this would normally rule out actual phones but there is a workaround for Android:
1. Connect your Android phone to your computer using ADB.
2. Type in this command in a command console shell (Windows) or terminal (Mac): adb reverse tcp:15001 tcp:15001
3. The Android device now will see the Gideros Studio when testing the game when a player is launched from within Facebook Messenger.
Please refer to the original Facebook documentation for more information about testing and uploading.
Please note that the offical Facebook documentation mentions having to wait for initializeAsync, with Gideros this has already been done for you before your game starts.
It is very important that the only the following API calls are made before startGameAsync has resolved:
To help do this you could create a variable called FBInstantAPI and set it to true once startGameAsync has been resolved - then only call other API commands if FBInstant is true and then if FBInstantAPI is true.

Common uses and examples:

Initialisation and removal of the Facebook loading progress indicator.

pcall(function() FBInstant=require "FBInstant" end)
if FBInstant then
		print("Loading screen removed")
	print("FBInstant not loaded")

Methods, events and properties: