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Available since version: Gideros 2017.10


Compute the layout of the given text according to a given rectangular region size, layout flags and other parameters.
Refer to TextField:setLayout for a description of the arguments.
The returned table contains the following fields:
- x,y,w,h: Computed bounding box of the full text
- lines: The number of lines used to display the text
- parts: Information about individual chunks of texts.
Each table in the part field of the returned table describe the placement of chunks of text. Their fields are:
- text: The text to display in this chunk
- x,y,w,h: Computed bounding box of this chunk
- dx,dy: Coordinates to draw this chunk at
- sep: separator character that came just after this chunk in text block
- line: line number this chunk belongs to


(table) = FontBase:layoutText(text, width, height, flags, letterSpacing, lineSpacing, tabSpace [, breakChar])


  • text: (string)
  • width: (number)
  • height: (number)
  • flags: (number, default=FontBase.TLF_NOWRAP)
  • letterSpacing: (number, default = 0)
  • lineSpacing: (number, default = 0)
  • tabSpace: (number, default = 4)
  • breakChar: (string)

Return value:

  • table: A table describing how to draw the given text.