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Available since version: Gideros 2018.9


Gideros Layout arranges a sprite's children into cells of a grid. With this method, you tell the parent's sprite how the rows and columns of the layout grid should be sized.
If there is extra space available after applying minimum widths and heights, it is distributed according to relative weights of each row/column.
Gideros layout system is heavily based on Java GridBagLayout principle. See here for more explanation:
The following parameters apply:
* '''columnWidths''': an array of minimum width for each column
* '''rowHeights''': an array of minimum height for each row
* '''columnWeights''': an array of relative weights for each column
* '''rowWeights''': an array of relative weights for each row
* '''insetTop''': the top margin
* '''insetLeft''': the left margin
* '''insetBottom''': the bottom margin
* '''insetRight''': the right margin
Specifying a '''nil''' table will clear layout parameters.




  • layout: (table) Table of layout parameters.