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Available since version: Gideros 2017.6


Allows to set a stencil operation to be used when drawing this sprite.
The table can contain the following fields:
stencilClear: (boolean) whether the stencil should be cleared beforehand.
stencilMask: (integer) the mask value used in stencil operations.
stencilWriteMask: (integer) the mask value used when writing to stencil.
stencilRef: (integer) the reference value used in stencil operations.
stencilFunc: (integer) the stencil function to use.
stencilFail: (integer) the stencil operation when stencil test failed.
depthFail: (integer) the stencil operation when depth test failed.
depthPass: (integer) the stencil operation when depth test has passed.
Stencil function and operations code are defined in Sprite.STENCIL_xxx fields and correspond to the GL_xxx relevant values in OpenGL stencil documentation.




  • op: (table) A table containing the stencil operation settings, or nil to disable stencil