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Available since version: Gideros 2011.6


Creates a new TTFont object.
Starting from gideros 2017.9, 'text' optional parameter can be the empty string, in which case Gideros will automatically cache characters as they are used.
Also, 2017.9 allows filename to be a table of several file names and associated size factor.
Two forms are accepted: {"font1.ttf","font2.ttf",..} or {{file="font1.ttf", sizeMult=1},{file="font2.ttf", sizeMult=1.1},...}.
Characters will be looked up in each file in sequence until a glyph is found.

Syntax:, size, text [, filtering, outlineSize])


  • filename: (string) The name of the TTF file to be loaded
  • size: (number) size of the font
  • text: (string, optional) if specified, TTFont caches the characters of specified text to speed up the rendering
  • filtering: (boolean, default = false) Whether or not the font texture is filtered
  • outlineSize: (number) If set, the font will be rendered with an outline of the given size