Inherits: Object

Supported platforms:

Available since version: Gideros 2011.6


All classes that dispatch events inherit from EventDispatcher. The target of an event is a listener function and an optional data value.
When an event is dispatched, the registered function is called.
If the optional data value is given, it is used as a first parameter while calling the listener function.
Event dispatching and event targets are the core part of the Gideros event model. Different event types (such as Event.ENTER_FRAME, Event.TOUCHES_BEGIN or Event.MOUSE_DOWN) flow through the scene tree hierarchy differently. When a touch or mouse event occurs, Gideros dispatches an event object into the event flow from the root of the scene tree.
On the other hand, Event.ENTER_FRAME event is dispatched to all Sprite objects.
If you want to define a class that dispatches events, you can inherit your class from EventDispatcher.

Common uses and examples:

-- example 1
ClassA = Core.class(EventDispatcher)
ClassB = Core.class(EventDispatcher)

function ClassA:funcA(event)
	print("funcA", self, event:getType(), event:getTarget())

local a = ClassA.new()
local b = ClassB.new()

b:addEventListener("myevent", a.funcA, a)	-- when b dispatches an "myevent" event,
										-- a.funcA will be called with 'a'
										-- as first parameter

b:dispatchEvent(Event.new("myevent"))		-- will print "funcA"

-- example 2
Ball = Core.class(Sprite)

function Ball:onEnterFrame()
	self:setX(self:getX()   1)

ball = Ball.new()
ball:addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, ball.onEnterFrame, ball)

Methods, events and properties: